Images are powerful.  

During Vietnam, pictures of human suffering helped end the war.  Today these images from Iraq are absent in the US mass media, and the American people watch a very different war than the rest of the world. Operation Iraqi Freedom is portrayed as a success for the spread of democracy and freedom, while many truths of this war remain silenced.  This censorship endangers free speech and democracy.  It is vital in today’s world that we have access to information so we can participate in society as responsible and informed citizens.

INDEPENDENT INTERVENTION investigates important issues during tense times, where our access to information and free speech are diminishing.   The film investigates how independent media can be an important force in this information war.  Independent journalists challenge the corporate media’s presentation of war, with reports from the brutal realities in Iraq.  We need to see the full spectrum of images from Iraq.  As Amy Goodman says in the film, “If people saw for one week on television what war really looks like, people would say that war is not an answer to conflict in the 21st century.”

Our documentary, INDEPENDENT INTERVENTION, works to break the silence of the corporate media.  This film brings the war home.